NRC's Southeast Transportation Network

Southeast Transportation Network

Cost-effective, quality transportation for students with special needs is available to school districts for both public and private special education programs.

The Southeast Transportation Network serves participating school districts of North River Collaborative, Pilgrim Area Collaborative, and South Shore Educational Collaborative through a designated program of North River Collaborative.

Given the fiscal challenges and the growing concern for student safety, North River Collaborative is coordinating this program to obtain cost-effective, quality transportation for students with special needs who attend some of the private special education programs in the greater Boston/Southeastern Massachusetts region.

NRC began providing transportation with the opening of school in September 2007 to selected routes.

Main Office

North River Collaborative
198 Spring St.
Rockland, MA 02370
Phone: 781-878-6056 ext. 4
Fax: 781-982-9787


Eileen Millett
Transportation Director
Phone: 781-878-6056 ext. 160