Executive Director

North River Collaborative (NRC) is beginning its 41st year of providing high quality educational programs and services to its eight member school districts. 

The primary goal of NRC since 1976 has been, and continues to be, the provision of special educational programs for children with disabilities in the Collaborative communities. Through a collegial and highly participatory process, the Board of Directors, Superintendents and Special Education Directors have developed high quality special education programs. The tradition of providing such programs has attracted the participation of children with special needs from not only our member school districts, but children from over 20 other South Shore communities.

Over its history, the Collaborative's strength has been its ability to serve as an extension of the school districts by adapting to their changing needs. NRC develops new programs and services, and provides consultation and support as programs are transitioned back to individual school districts. Without abandoning its primary mission, North River Collaborative has achieved even greater success by providing a place where the school district leaders meet to solve complex problems through innovative and resourceful strategies. Through partnerships with legislators, community leaders, local service agencies and business communities, NRC has been able to maximize the opportunities and fill other newly identified needs. Independence Academy, which serves students who are recovering from drug addiction and abuse, and a partnership with Virtual High School which offers courses to students in our districts that could not otherwise be offered, are just two of the many programs and services that have been added to the Collaborative repertoire in recent years. 

North River Collaborative is extremely grateful for the continuing support of our member districts, the Board of Directors, the parents, and the dedicated staff who have all made our development possible throughout our history. Please join us as we continue to celebrate our considerable accomplishments and look forward to working together to move the benchmark of excellence even higher. We invite you to join us in this journey; your input and feedback to our program offerings is valued and encouraged.

Stephen Donovan
Executive Director

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