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Serving Students with Multiple Handicaps

The North River Collaborative Learning Center for Students with Multiple Disabilities serves students with multiple handicaps. Most of the students are in wheelchairs and require assistance with all activities of daily living. Communication programs are used to assist students with their expressive and receptive language skills. Approximately one-third of the students have visual impairments.

Program Description

Classrooms follow a functional, experiential curriculum based upon The Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks (2011). An MCAS assessment is completed by the classroom teacher; typically in the form of an MCAS-Alternate portfolio documenting the student’s progress over the year. The continuum of Learning Center for Multiple Disabilties classrooms are located in member district public schools allowing for placement of students in buildings with similarly aged peers and for access to age appropriate thematic materials.

An Integrated Related Services Approach is utilized; therapists provide direct individual and small group services as written in Individual Education Programs and classroom staff applies the recommended therapeutic strategies throughout the week in order to enhance learning.

The program includes:

  • Assessment and instruction in the most effective means of non-verbal and verbal communication including, but not limited to, augmentative communication devices and/or adapted switches, photographs, line drawings, and representational objects
  • Classroom computers with software such as Speaking Dynamically Pro/Boardmaker and Intellitools Classroom Suite and devices such as BigKeys for accessibility;
  • A variety of therapeutic positioning equipment, mobility aides and assistive devices;
  • Oral motor and/or feeding programs that are individually designed for each student and implemented daily;
  • Instruction in self-care skills including self-feeding, toileting, dressing, and environmental controls;
  • Supervised and planned inclusion (and reverse inclusion) opportunities with typically developing peers;
  • A summer program 

Staff/Ancillary Services:

2:1 student to staff ratio; Special Education Teachers; Teaching Assistants; Nurses; Speech/Language Pathologist Occupational Therapist; Physical Therapist; Teacher of the Visually Impaired; Orientation and Mobility Instructor Music Therapy; Adapted Physical Education




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