Ann Sarah Robinson, MA OT, MA Special Education
District Services Coordinator

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Therapy and Assistive Technology Services


North River Collaborative provides Occupational, Physical and Speech Therapy, within 39 public school buildings in eight school districts and to its Learning Center for Students with Multiple Disabilities, and Learning Center for Students with Autism and Developmental Disabilities which are also located in public school settings in order to offer inclusive opportunities to its students. In addition, Assistive Technology Evaluation and Consultation  by Speech and Language Pathologists and other professionals are provided as indicated. Therapy staff are dedicated to excellence in student service, committed to facilitating optimal curriculum access to all in our care, and to providing high quality consultation services to parents and educational staff in order to maximize student success. At each location, therapists are integral members of a multidisciplinary team which facilitates student progress through coordination of services. More than 22 Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapists, many with advanced degrees and certifications, participate in monthly meetings and numerous professional development activities in order to enhance knowledge and stay current with the latest research. We provide each of our students with service guided by the latest developments in therapeutic, rehabilitative, and educational practice which is why parent and district satisfaction surveys report satisfaction rates between 92 and 100 percent! Referrals for evaluations or service are made through each individual district’s special education department or through the Learning Center for Students with Multiple Disabilities, and Learning Center for Students with Autism and Developmental Disabilities Coordinator.
Comments or Feedback? North River Collaborative therapists welcome suggestions from parents and district staff. Please feel free to contact Ann Robinson, if you have comments or suggestions for improving our services.


Occupational, Physical and Speech Therapists who share a passion for the profession and who thrive on challenge and high standards, will find many opportunities for career-long professional development and advancement at NRC.   North River Collaborative therapists share an inspiring spirit of inquiry, critical thinking, and innovation. The therapists at North River Collaborative truly embrace the “collaborative” spirit by sharing knowledge and information with colleagues and taking pride in what can be accomplished when teams work together!
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