April 2016 through April 2018




Mission Statement


North River Collaborative cooperatively develops and delivers quality and cost effective programs and services for students, school districts, partner organizations, and communities.

         We believe that---

1.    programs, services and facilities should be of the highest quality and responsive to the changing needs of member districts.

2.    all students should be provided with the opportunity and support to reach their potential for academic achievement and independent living.

3.    all students should be challenged to learn in a caring, inclusive and flexible environment that appreciates diversity, values life-long learning and prepares students to be successful citizens.

4.    high quality professional development combined with educator evaluation is essential for improving educational practice and maximizing student achievement.

5.    supporting the social and emotional well-being of our students is essential.

6.    through collegiality and shared commitment, we accomplish more collectively than separately.

7.    to facilitate the educational process, we need to support families.

8.    a variety of opinions will stimulate innovative and creative ideas leading to effective solutions.

9.    student assessment and program evaluation are essential for continuous improvement.



Vision Statement

North River Collaborative (NRC) provides innovative, flexible and diverse educational programs and services that engage students in participatory learning. Using state of the art technology, NRC provides educators and districts with the resources to increase student achievement and with the opportunities to collaborate.

Goals and Objectives

Goal 1: Programs and Services

To provide a continuum of high quality, educational programs and services in response to identified needs.

1.1       To design a program for elementary students with social/emotional learning needs that meets member district needs.

1.2     To develop a plan to ensure appropriate space for Collaborative Programs in the least restrictive environment.



1.3       To develop strategies to address enrollment issues at all NRC programs.

Goal 2: Behavioral Health

To expand and enhance support for the behavioral health of students by providing sustainable tools and resources to students, families, and staff for full access to learning.


2.1       Maximize current North River Collaborative and district resources.

2.2       Assess District and program needs (current and future).

2.3       Develop a system of consultative support to districts and families (connect with established systems in place, e.g. Interns, SEPAC).

Goal 3: Professional Development

To provide high quality, cost effective professional development that is responsive to the needs of NRC programs and it’s member districts.

3.1        Explore cost effective options and secure funding for high quality professional development offerings.

3.2        To provide high quality professional development addressing instructional/practices.

3.3        To provide high quality professional development related to behavioral health to address the needs of the most challenging students, all students, and staff.

3.4        To provide high quality professional development to meet the requirements of state and federal mandates, laws, and regulations.

Goal 4: Membership

To develop a plan to address membership.

4.1       To develop guidelines for potential new membership

4.2       To develop parameters for potential new membership.

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