English as a Second Language Services

Students Served

North River Collaborative provides English Language Learner (ELL) services to its member districts. Our teachers offer assistance to students whose native language is other than English in the development of listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in English. ELL services are currently provided to more than 50 students in 15 different school buildings during the academic year. Referrals are made through the individual district’s ELL Coordinator.

Description of Services

When a district determines that a student requires English language instruction it is provided in alignment with DOE English Language Proficiency Benchmarks and Outcomes for English Language Learners (K-12). The ELL teacher designs and implements appropriate educational programs for each student including instruction in language variations, phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, and pragmatics. Instructional methods and materials are employed that are appropriate for the maturity and skill level of individual students. Student assessment is conducted on a regular basis, with written quarterly progress reports and other reports completed as needed.

Since carryover in the classroom is imperative for student success, the ELL teacher coordinates instruction with classroom activities and provides consultation to classroom teachers to ensure a comprehensive service delivery program for each child. Our teachers also confer with parents to help them better understand the school program and their child’s progress toward accomplishing stated goals.


The North River Collaborative English as a Second Language Program currently has three ELL teachers. Our dedicated staff keep abreast of current knowledge in their field by participating in high quality professional development. ELL teachers participate in monthly staff meetings to facilitate communication and assist the teacher in meeting the needs of students.

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