Ann Sarah Robinson, MA OT, MA Special Education
District Services Coordinator

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Physical Therapy Services

Physical Therapy (PT) Quick Facts


● 5 Physical Therapists and 2 Physical Therapist Assistants

● Currently provide PT services to Abington, East Bridgewater, Rockland, and Whitman-Hanson Regional School Districts, as well as to North River Collaborative Learning Centers for Students with Multiple Disabilities and Students with Autism and Developmental Disabilities, located in 4 public schools.

● Evaluates each student referred for PT to answer the following questions:

  • Does the student exhibit a gross motor delay, and, if so, to what extent?
  • In what ways is the delay impacting effective educational progress?
  • Would the student’s educational progress be improved if:

            -he/she had more practice with gross motor activities?             
    -he/she had hands-on Physical Therapy services to facilitate his/he development, as well as more practice?

  •  Are modifications to the classroom curriculum or environment needed?

● Provide combination of consultation and direct services to over 150 students in 25 school buildings.

● Offer services in the least restrictive way to enhance the educational process.

● Provide teachers, classroom staff and parents with activities for regular
   practice whenever more frequent repetition would be beneficial.

● Provide consultation regarding specific mobility or positioning equipment is provided as indicated.