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East Bridgewater High School
11 Plymouth Street
East Bridgewater MA

Community Based Vocational Services

Providing community-based vocational learning opportunities

 Students Served

The North River Collaborative (NRC) Community-Based Vocational Program serves students 16 to 22 years-old who are in need of vocational training and are ready to learn in community-based work environments.

Moira Leon 
Program Coordinator
Phone: 781-871-1589
Fax: (781)982-9787

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Program Description


The Community-Based Vocational Program opens new doors in various vocational areas for students with special needs. For many, this is their first introduction to the world of work. Students are matched to appropriate community-based worksites for job training.Students work as volunteers one or more days a week, accompanied by a qualified job coach who remains on site for the duration of the day. They are never left unsupervised but are encouraged to work independently. The job  coach oversees the quality of all work and expands job responsibilities as students progress.  

The Program Coordinator provides an in-depth vocational assessment for each  student in consultation with the work site. Students are evaluated by their job coach in conjunction with their work sites regarding work readiness and work  performance skills. Transportation to and from the program is provided in  NRC vehicles by NRC Drivers with7-D licenses who are trained to work supportively with the students of the Community-Based Vocational Program.

Sites & Staff Services


Established Sites for Vocational Exploration

§  Animal Care

§  Cafeteria Work
§  Community Television
§  Doggy Daycare

§  Hospitals (office & warehouse work)

§  Restaurants

§  Retail Stores
§  Transitions at Bridgewater State University

Staff/Ancillary Services   

§  Program Coordinator

§  Job Coaches

§  Drivers

198 Spring Street Rockland, MA 02370 - Phone: 781-878-6056 Fax: 781-982-9787
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