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Assistive Technology and Augmentative Communication Consult and Evaluation Services

North River Collaborative's (NRC) Augmentative Communication and Assistive Technology Consult and Evaluation Services are provided to participating member districts. This service includes consultation and embedded professional development to enhance staff knowledge of student options to support communication and curriculum access.

Description of Services

This program offers Low Tech, as well as High Tech solutions to daily classroom issues that will enhance student success and teacher confidence.

Participating districts have access to supported trial versions of a variety of hardware and software:

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Goals for Consultation:

  • Develop communication systems for struggling students
  • Improve ease of use of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) throughout the curriculum
  • Teach staff how to create, print, and store custom communication boards
  • Teach methods to incorporate AAC appropriately into the IEP and to document AAC in the Alternative Assessment
  • Demonstrate ways to use AAC to increase visual supports to a variety of children
  • As needed for specific students or classrooms, teach the following specific concepts: Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS), thematic boards, use of voice output, use of schedule systems, individual communication boards, and books
  • Offer time saving strategies for teachers and specialists
  • Provide staff with resources and materials to assist students and families


The NRC Speech Therapy Department currently has Speech and Language Pathologists, all of whom have their Certificate of Clinical Competence (S/LP,CCC). Speech and Language Pathologists participate in weekly multi-disciplinary team meetings and monthly staff meetings. Occupational Therapists, Special Educators, and a Technology Specialist are available to work with the consulting Speech and Language Pathologist as needed.