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Learning Center / Autism and Developmental Disabilities-Primary and Elementary

The North River Collaborative Learning Center for Students with Autism and Developmental Disabilities Primary and Elementary Program serves students ages 5 to 11 with Autism Spectrum Disorder, developmental delays and/or intellectual impairments, and communication disorders.

Program Description:  The program is structured to meet the needs of students with Autism Spectrum Disorder. However, enrollment is open to all students who would benefit from an integrated eclectic approach that includes Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA), Picture Exchange Communication Systems, Discrete Trial Training, and a total communication approach in order to learn academics, social skills, behavioral regulation, self-care, and play/leisure skills.

Instruction according to the standards of the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks (2011)  is provided to students at their instructional level. MCAS assessment is completed by the classroom teacher; typically in the form of an MCAS-Alternate portfolio documenting the student’s progress over the school year.

Students referred to the Learning Centers generally have the prerequisite motor skills for learning self-care skills in an integrated public school environment (cafeteria, boys/girls room, playground, etc.) with the support of program staff.

An Integrated Related Services Approach is utilized wherein therapists provide direct individual and small group services as written in Individual Education Programs and classroom staff applies the recommended therapeutic strategies throughout the week in order to enhance learning.

An ABA Specialist is an ongoing member of the classroom team. Home/school behavioral support and consult is available and provided through a TEAM approach that utilizes the skills of the specialist most familiar with the area of need, (e.g., the occupational therapist may work with the behavioral specialist and teacher to develop routines for dressing and/or bathing). Parent training in ABA for the home is also available through the North River Collaborative CARES Program when recommended by the TEAM.

Other components of the program include: 

  • Supervised and planned inclusion (and reverse inclusion) opportunities with typically developing peers
  • Community field trips
  • Academic concepts
  • Classroom computers with software such as Speaking Dynamically Pro/Boardmaker  and Intellitools Classroom Suite  and devices such as BigKeys  for accessibility
  • Work systems based on TEACCH  strategies
  • Visual supports (objects/photos/icons/written words)
  • Individualized schedule systems
  • Five week summer program

Staff/Ancillary Services

2:1 student to staff ratio; Special Education Teachers; Teaching Assistants; Nurses; Speech and Language Pathologist; Occupational Therapist; Physical Therapist; ABA Specialist/Consultant; Music Therapy; Adapted Physical Education

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