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Ryan Morgan
Program Director/Principal
Phone: 508-510-4091
Fax: 508-857-0815

Anthony Castaldi
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 508-510-4091
Fax: 508-857-0815



Year round program (220 days)
9:00 am–3:30 pm (Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri)
9:00 am–2:25 pm (Wed)

Summer Program
10:00 am to 1:00 pm
July 8- August 21 (Tues, Wed, Thurs)

Independence Academy

Program Description

Independence Academy is an alternative multi-service secondary school serving adolescents with substance abuse and dependence problems. In addition to offering a full rigorous academic program leading to high school graduation, Independence Academy offers numerous service components that supports a student’s commitment to recovery and healthy living, including an on-site recovery counselor, recovery support groups, health and wellness curriculum and activities, partnerships with Old Colony YMCA, and Massasoit Community College as well as other community service agencies. 


To provide the young men and women of Southeastern Massachusetts, who are struggling with drug and alcohol abuse, the opportunity to break free from addiction and dependence and discover their true potential by providing a school that simultaneously focuses on high academic expectations, while also creating a culture that promotes resiliency. Using sound resiliency research as its guide, Independence Academy strives to cultivate the following characteristics in each and every student: optimism, faith and hope in the future, pro-social behavior, confidence and knowledge of individual strengths, and a willingness and desire to set and achieve goals. Independence Academy staff strives to provide students with adult role models and social supports in and out of school.

Students Served

High school students with a commitment and desire to remain clean and sober who have been diagnosed with substance abuse or dependence or who have been identified by community professionals as having substance abuse or dependence issues.


• Newly renovated 9,000 square foot facility
Curriculum that meets or exceeds Mass. Common Core Curriculum
• On-staff recovery counselor
• Individualized Recovery and Post-Secondary Plans
• Wrap around service model
• Partnership with High Point Treatment Center
• Partnership with Massasoit Community College offering dual enrollment options
• Partnership with Old Colony YMCA offering free membership to all students
• Partnership with Brockton Neighborhood Health Centers
• Partnership with Brockton Area Multi-Service Agency
• State of the art technology lab and audio and video production studio
• Access to Virtual High School courses
• Wellness curriculum and activities that integrate mind and body
• Small class size offering individualized instruction

Culture of Recovery

Independence Academy supports a culture of recovery by providing recovery programming and education that is interwoven into the daily routine. Students enrolled at Independence Academy will be expected to participate in group and individual recovery work both in school and outside of school.  Recovery counselors will work closely with each student and their families to educate, support and cultivate resources with the ultimate goal of continued and life long sobriety.

Individual Recovery Plan

Students enrolled at Independence Academy will work closely with the Recovery Counselor to develop an Individual Recovery Plan that will identify community supports, acknowledge and encourage family involvement, provide detailed relapse prevention and intervention strategies tailored to the individual student’s current situation.


Independence Academy Wellness Education Program, featuring daily physical fitness activities, is designed to support students’ development of lifelong “mind/body rituals” that will increase resiliency, provide healthy coping strategies, improve attitudes and knowledge about overall health and well-being and increase a students’ confidence in one’s own ability to remain clean and sober.


In accordance with the Massachusetts Common Core Standards, Independence Academy curriculum’s primary responsibility is to educate its students to communicate effectively in society. To fulfill that responsibility, the instruction and curriculum help students to develop skills to communicate and present ideas clearly and persuasively in order to think critically and analytically in a global and pluralistic society. Our small class size offers classes that encourage students to be highly motivated, accept the challenge of an academically rigorous curriculum, work independently, and meet the pace of a technological changing and challenging world.


460R Belmont Street Brockton, MA 02301 • Phone: 508 510-4091 Fax: 508 857-0815
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